Children Posting Video Tutorials On How To Get Their Teachers Fired (Video)


A recent investigation has uncovered numerous disturbing YouTube videos in which school-aged children give tutorials on how they got their teachers fired.

One video was posted by a student who explains how he got his teacher fired by falsely accusing her of things she didn’t do.

"So I had this teacher, right, Ms. Keller, and I just didn't like her. So you know what, I said, let me just get her fired," said the boy in the video. "So I went to the principal, and instead of saying I was molested, you need to play the victim."

Another video shows two young boys describing how they got a teacher fired just because they didn’t like that she made them follow a color-coded classroom management schedule. The boys explain that they used hidden cameras to create evidence against the teacher, even going so far as to start a petition aimed at getting her fired. The teacher left her job, but not before the two students went to the principal to make their claims. In the video, both students proudly boast about what they did.

"I don't think at the age those students are they realized the can ruin a person's home life," said Gaye Fallon, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, to My Fox Houston. "Their family often turns on them, they ruin their career, they ruin their reputation in the community."

Chris Tritico, a Houston lawyer who regularly represents teachers, calls the videos “disgusting” and says that teachers should refrain from having personal interactions with students if possible.

"Students are not your friends," said Tritico. "This is a professional relationship, and you should always treat it that way."

The videos are relatively easy to find, and as one YouTube user points out, all he had to do was search “how to get my teacher fired” to help him figure out a way to do just that.


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