Children Found Living In Filth And Severely Neglected By Their Mother (Photos)


A mother in Orlando­­, Florida is sitting in jail after authorities discovered that she and her five children were living in filth. Now, family members say they had no idea that the children were living in those conditions and are attempting to gain custody.

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Yolander Lasane, 45, has been charged with five counts of child neglect after her children were found to be living in an unsafe environment. Police say that the house contained urine-soaked mattresses, rooms filled with trashed, feces splattered all over the walls, and a bug infestation.

Authorities were called to the home after Lasane’s 17-year-old daughter ran away and wasn’t seen there for over three weeks. During that time, Lasane failed to contact the authorities, so when a neighbor finally did, they were horrified to discover the conditions the family was living in.

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"The severe medical and overall neglect was horrendous," wrote an officer in the police report.

According to reports, one of the children was barely able to eat because his teeth were rotting so badly. The toilets, showers, and sinks were all out of service, and there was barely any running water at all, so it was clear that the children had not bathed in some time.

Fox 35 News in Orlando first reported on the story, and after seeing it on social media, some relatives reached out to offer their help. They claim they were completely unaware that the children were living in such terrible conditions.

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“It’s upsetting to see because we didn’t know,” said John Lasane, who currently lives in Georgia. “Like I said, we didn’t know the situation had gotten that bad.”

The children are currently living with a relative while the state attempts to find permanent homes for them. Meanwhile, Yolander Lasane is sitting in jail, facing five child neglect charges.

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