Girl Finds Needle In Her Halloween Candy


Virginia police are investigating after a 13-year-old girl was stuck by a needle that was hidden in her Halloween candy.  

According to WTVR, the object was disguised inside a piece of Laffy Taffy.

“The girl’s parents called police, and an officer responded to their Christiansburg home on Tuesday night and confiscated the candy,” Christiansburg Police wrote on Facebook. “The child did bite into the candy – which had been wrapped in Laffy Taffy packaging – and was stuck by what appeared to be a needle. Christiansburg Police encouraged the parents to seek medical attention for the girl.”

The needle is currently being analyzed at a laboratory, as is the candy and the wrapper.  

“The child went trick-or-treating on Monday in neighborhoods behind Christiansburg High School,” police said. “Christiansburg Police are urging parents to examine their children’s candy before consumption.”

Justice For Children Without Voices posted the incident to their Facebook page, which garnered a tepid response from followers. 

One user wrote, “Got sick people in this world.” 

Another added, “This is sad! What a wonderful world we live in!”  

No word yet on who might have placed the needle inside the candy.  The incident is under investigation. 

Sources: WTVR, Justice For Children Without Voices/Facebook / Photo credit: WSLS via WAVY

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