'I Didn't Understand': Mom Speaks Out After Doctor Accuses Her Of Abusing Baby (Video)


A Reading, Pennsylvania, mother who took her son to the hospital for an injury was devastated when doctors began to accuse her of abusing the boy.

According to Jessica Battiato, she was shocked to learn that doctors at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center believed she was abusing her baby boy Cesar.

“They told us that he had 18 fractures and two they were unsure about,” Battiato told FOX News (video below), “but there were 18 definite. I didn’t understand what was going on, I didn’t know what to think.”

The baby was then removed from Battiato's care.

Battiato says that she is a loving mother, which is why when Cesar was taken from her she was dumbfounded.

Radiology specialist Dr. David Ayoub believes that there are answers to the cause of the baby’s injuries that do not include abuse.

“I believe it is virtually irrefutable that Cesar suffered from skeletal rickets and unrecognized bone fragility and thus received an inappropriate diagnosis of a victim of abuse,” Ayoub told FOX News.

Ayoub reportedly helped many parents who were allegedly wrongly accused by doctors.

The doctor intends to testify in court on behalf of the mother so that she can hopefully regain custody of her child.

“Every day I hear something from the doctors or them emailing me back and forth has helped me to get one step closer to getting my son,” she said.

The Hershey Medical Center released a statement on the issue saying: “Our physician’s diagnosis in this case was based on the patient’s condition and reached through medically appropriate evaluation. The Federal HIPPAA privacy laws restricts Penn State Hershey Medical Center and our physician from providing any facts to defend our decision … As a result, we encourage everyone to remember that you are only hearing one side of this story. The version of what occurred as presented by Ms. Battiato is inaccurate, incomplete and defamatory.”

The hearing for the case is scheduled for June 29.

Source: FOX, YouTube

Photo Credit: FOX


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