Mother's Boyfriend Puts Child In Dryer

Maine resident Adam Morton has been charged with aggravated assault after he put a 2-year-old in a dryer and turned it on. The child survived the cruel act, but suffered second-degree burns on his back, arms and feet.

Morton is the boyfriend of the child’s mother. He admitted to investigators that he put the child in the dryer, but says he only left the infant inside for a moment. A police investigation led by Dr. Lawrence Ricci found otherwise.

According to Ricci, “[The child had] lesions on the lower back that looked like they could have been healing burns and incidentally, the two circular lesions correspond to bolts on the inside of the dryer.”

Ricci says, “The distribution of the burns indicates either that the child was moving fairly dramatically and/or the dryer was moving.”

Ultimately, the investigation found that the child was in the dryer for a "fairly prolonged period of time. And the dryer, indeed, may have actually been turning."

As part of their investigation, police tested how hot the inside of the dryer gets after several minutes of running. After running on “low” for five minutes, the drum was 125 degrees. When set to “normal” for three minutes, the drum reached 180 degrees.

Sadly, this may not be the first time Morton has abused the young boy. When Department of Health and Human Services employees interviewed other children at the home, they were told Morton “does mean things” to the child.

Morton is charged with aggravated assault and is currently in custody in lieu of $2,500 bond.

Sources: WCSH6, MailOnline

Image Credit: Facebook, Penobscot County Sheriff's Office


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