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Child Suffers Life-Ending Injuries Under Babysitter's Watch

Police are investigating the death of 18-month-old child A’Niah Davila-Torres in Wilmington, Delaware.

A’Niah was declared brain dead on Friday after being taken the hospital by a babysitter and her boyfriend. Her face and brain were severely injured when she arrived at St. Francis Hospital.

Police say it’s far too early in the investigation to make accusations about the cause of the toddler’s death. Wilmington Police Department Cpl. Jamaine Crawford said it could be a case of accidental injury, assault, child abuse, or possibly a homicide.

“All I can say is that we’re investigating the alleged circumstances of the baby’s injury,” Cpl. Crawford told Delaware Online.

The child’s mother, Vinnia Davila, reportedly accuses the babysitter and/or her boyfriend of killing A’Niah. The caretakers and A’Niah’s young brother Aston were the only people present when the child’s injuries were incurred.

Aston was reportedly frantic when he saw A’Niah laying in a hospital bed on life support.

"As soon as he saw her, he said, 'They hit her, they hit her,'" said a family member present in the room. "We tried to ask him 'Who?' but all he would say is 'They hit her, they hit her.' He kept saying that."

The caretaker’s boyfriend reports that he found A’Niah slumped over on the couch upon entering the home. He said he immediately alerted his girlfriend and the two took A’Niah to the hospital. A doctor at St. Francis Hospital told Davila that A’Niah’s injuries appeared to be caused by physical abuse.

The unnamed caretaker had been babysitting A’Niah since she was six weeks old. 

Sources: Delaware Online, MailOnline


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