Parents Outraged After Son Is Slapped At Day Care

North Carolina parents are furious after they say a daycare employee slapped their 5-year-old son.

Vernon Bullock and Rafif Jaber say they have received calls to pick up their son from Triangle Day Care Center for bad behavior for several weeks. Each time, the parents would immediately pick up their son, but one day was different, WTVD reports.

When Bullock and Jaber picked him up on Aug. 3, their son told them he was slapped across the face.

The parents quickly called the police and demanded to see security footage of the incident. They say the video clearly shows their son was telling the truth.

"She snatched him from the classroom," Jaber said. "I saw the camera where she is pulling him all the way to the baby room. She slams him into the chair-pulls her hand all the way back and slaps him."

The daycare worker was fired after the incident, but has not been criminally charged. State law reportedly allows teachers and parents to physically punish students if there are no lasting injuries.

After the employee was fired, the daycare sent a letter to parents saying it does not condone physical punishment for students. However, Bullock and Jaber say the letter is not enough.

"I want the teacher to be arrested and charged with assault on a minor," Bullock said. "I want the school closed, because I know beyond a reasonable doubt that they knew what happened."

The parents say they are also angry that the daycare and the employee betrayed their trust by lying to their faces about what happened.

"She said 'I didn't touch him. Why would I do that?' Looking me dead in my face," said Bullock. "This is the person who has been taking care of my kid for over a year. I don't know if this was the first incident."

The story comes following a similar incident from April 2016 in which a video showing an employee of 24 Hour Fitness in Richmond, Texas, slapping a stranger's 18-month-old daughter in the face surfaced on Snapchat. Two employees were fired after the incident and an investigation was conducted by police, KHOU reported at the time.

Sources: WTVDKHOU / Photo Credit: WTVD

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