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Imprisoned Rapist Dies Of Cancer

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A man convicted of kidnapping and rape in the U.K. has died while serving his prison sentence. He died from lung cancer that he developed after one year behind bars.

On Jan. 20, Cezary Anatol Stolarski was pronounced dead at a hospice in Lincoln, England. He was 49 years old, Lincolnshire Live reports.

In 2014, Stolarski was sentenced by the Birmingham Crown Court to 12 years in prison for false imprisonment, two counts of rape, sexual coercion and attempted sexual assault. The name of his victim was not disclosed.

"His actions were so horrific, the judge concluded that he was dangerous and the sentence handed down reflects the criminality of his actions," said senior crown prosecutor Lois Colley at the time. "My thoughts are with the victim in this case and I hope she is able to recover and move on from the ordeal she suffered at the hands of Stolarski."

Stolarski had lived in the town of Boston, Lincolnshire. He was incarcerated in Lincoln Prison, where he received therapy for depression. In 2015, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The convicted rapist reportedly smoked 40 cigarettes a day for most of his life. The cancer swiftly spread to his brain and kidneys.

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On Dec. 12, nearly a year after Stolarski died, a coroner announced he had died from natural causes.

On Nov. 25, women marched across Lincoln to protest against male-perpetrated sexual assault.

"Violence against women continues to occur every minute of every day, but women everywhere are making a stand," a spokesperson for organizers Lincolnshire Rape Crisis told The Lincolnite.

Stolarski was not the first convicted rapist to die from cancer while serving a prison sentence. In December 2001, Lawrence Singleton died from cancer while on death row in Tampa, Florida. He had been sentenced to death for murdering a prostitute and was nationally reviled for raping and mutilating a hitchhiking minor decades beforehand, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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In 1978, Singleton offered a ride to 15-year-old Mary Bell Vincent in California. He raped her and cut off her arms with a hatchet before leaving her to die in a ditch along the roadside.

Vincent survived her injuries and testified against Singleton, who was sentenced to 14 years for rape and attempted murder. He was controversially paroled in after only serving eight years of his sentence.

In 1997, Singleton was convicted of murdering 31-year-old Roxanne Hayes. He was in prison for only four years before dying from natural causes.

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