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Child Pornography Suspect Walter Gafvert Pleads Not Guilty

A California man who was caught downloading child pornography while investigators interviewed him pleaded not guilty on Friday to possessing illegal pornographic files.

The 48-year-old Walter Louis Gafvert III cried while he submitted his plea to the felony charge. Gafvery faces up to three years in prison if he is found guilty, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

An investigation of Gafvert started in July, when the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force told Santa Cruz police to investigate Gafvert.

Police arrested Gafvert Wednesday, after searching his home with a warrant and finding thousands of child porn images on his computer and cell phones.

A search of a cell phone Gafvert was carrying showed that he had been downloading at the same time investigators interviewed him.

Police said they could not identify any of the children in the pornographic images as locals.

Source: The Santa Cruz Sentinel


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