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Child Molester Moves In Next Door To Victim

An Ohio woman says her uncle, who was convicted of molesting her as a child, has now moved in next door.

Harold English moved in with his mother, who lives just over the fence from 21-year-old victim Danyelle Dyer's residence, KFOR reports.

"He’s like right there, practically in my backyard and that kind of makes me nervous and not want to go home ever," said Danyelle.

It's not just Danyelle who's disturbed -- so are her parents.

"When you have to see it, I can only imagine what it does to my daughter when she’s there and she has to witness it," said Danyelle's mother, Laurina Dyer. "She shouldn’t have to. Very heartbreaking."

"Not only is my daughter feeling her past come back to haunt her, but a lot of years of rage and anger that I’ve kept under my collar is sitting right outside my door," added the victim's father, Greg Dyer.

Despite the impact his presence is having on the family, what English is doing is reportedly perfectly legal.

"Supposedly he paid his debt to society and as long as he’s not near a church or a daycare or where children gather, he’s free to do as he wishes," said Greg.

In response, Danyelle is now working hard to change that law.

She is looking to have the law amended to include the word "victims" along with schools and playgrounds as far as places and people convicted rapists cannot live near.

Representative Kyle Hilbert says he is working with the family and will try to pass an updated law during the next session.

The victim has also shared her story on social media to enlist support.

"She’s had to bring her deepest, darkest secrets out for the public to view just to try to rid this person of her life," explained Greg.

But Danyelle is determined to make a change.

"It’s very empowering for me because I feel like I’m making a difference and I didn’t share my story for nothing and that it is bringing about positive change," she said. "Whether it helps one woman and I can help one woman than I’m completely happy with that."

Many social media users are taking Danyelle's side.

"Now that's just wrong for many reasons," wrote one person on KFOR's Facebook post about the story. "Wth? Not a changed man even thinking of making the victim feel intimidated and being that close is not even within most restrictions of orders."

"Young lady....even though this is a HORRIBLE situation you are doing good deeds!!!" added another. "I'm proud of you!!!"

Sources: KFORKFOR-TV/Facebook / Photo credit: Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons

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