Child Molester John Burbine Is Seeking Castration In Return For A Lower Prison Sentence


A man from Wakefield, Massachusetts is currently facing charges for sexually abusing multiple children at the daycare that his wife owns. He is now looking to get his sentence reduced by offering to be castrated.

49-year-old John Burbine appeared at a hearing, represented by his lawyer William Barabino, and made the shocking proposal to prosecutors. The idea was immediately rejected, and Barabino will now face a judge, who will hear the motion.

Barabino says that although court-ordered castration hasn’t been done in Massachusetts, it has been done in other states and has apparently been successful. Barabino claims that it is effective in producing, “'a drastic reduction or complete discontinuation in sexual urges and sexual function, due to the inability to produce testosterone.''

“He would lose his desire and sexual function, which would have some mitigating effect,” added Barabino, who says that Burbine agreed to the idea, even though they know it will most likely not be approved by a judge after already being dismissed by prosecutors.

“That’s going to do nothing to change Mr. Burbine’s mindset,” said advocate Laurie Myers. “That’s not going to make Mr. Burbine less dangerous because he is attracted to children. That’s how he’s wired.”

Burbine faces around 100 counts of sexual abuse and will serve his entire life in prison if he is convicted. If by some slight chance the motion is accepted by the judge, Burbine’s sentence will apparently only be 15 years.


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