Note Left In Bible Helps Lead To Child Molester's Arrest


An Ohio man faces over 20 years behind bars for child molestation after a note from an 8-year-old detailing how she was sexually abused surfaced.

Authorities arrested Eric Rivera in 2013 after receiving a report that he had sexually abused a student in the area.

Police were given a note addressed to “Jesus” written by an 8-year-old that told of how Rivera had molested her.

The note had been put inside of a Bible.

The child reportedly told investigators during an interview of how Rivera would show her pornographic images from magazines and his cellphone. She also described multiple instances in which he would abuse her.

In a search of the man’s home, police discovered the phone as well as the evidence that the girl described.

The case lasted almost two years before Rivera pleaded guilty to sodomy and sexual abuse.

A 25 year sentence has been recommended. If Rivera is sentenced, he must serve 20 years before he is eligible for parole.

He also must register as a sex offender when released.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Kate Bennet recommended the sentence to the court

"Although 25 years doesn't seem like enough for the Defendant to serve based on the heinous and unspeakable crimes he committed, it saves the child victim from being further traumatized by reliving her nightmare of abuse," said Bennet. "The law mandates a defendant has the right to 'face his accuser,' regardless of whether the accuser is an adult or a young child."

She added, “In addition, a guilty plea means that the defendant forfeits his right to appeal, so the victim gets closure rather than years of uncertainty."

Rivera will be sentenced on July 13.

Upon hearing the story, many took to Facebook to voice their opinions on the situation.

"Very sick man!!" one user commented. "Im glad he was caught and pray he gets what he deserves in jail!!"

"Scum of the earth will get his in prison!" another wrote.

Source: WLWT, WLWT on Facebook

Photo Credit: WLWT


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