Child Reportedly Left On Side Of Highway By Bus Driver Following Dress Code Violation

A family from Charleston, South Carolina, claims their son was sent home from school for wearing a shirt that was the wrong shade of blue.

Laura and Billy Schwach’s son took the bus to school at C.E. Williams Middle School this past Wednesday.

About an hour later her son called to let her know the school bus driver was bringing him back home.


His shirt was teal blue, not royal blue, and therefore in violation of school dress code, reports ABC News 4.

“I always had heard that if it is a wardrobe issue, they should call the parent and you'd be notified to come back and bring a change of clothes for them,” said Mrs. Schwach.

The school apparently tried to locate a shirt in the school closet that was the correct shade of blue, but none fit the Schwach's son.

The school reportedly never called Mrs. Schwach to tell her her son needed a different shirt—they just put him back on the bus to go home.

But their son was not brought home.

Instead, according to ABC News 4, the bus driver dropped him off on the side of highway 61—Schwach's normal bus stop is a few blocks away from 61.

“He could have been hit, he could have not shown up. I would have never had known. We would just assume the bus was late for a while. We would have never had a clue, never known,” Mrs. Schwach said.

“They said the bus driver was supposed to take him back to school, but my thing is, if she was planning on bringing him back why did she drop him off on Highway 61 away from his house,” Mr. Schwach said.

Mr. Schwach spoke with the assistant principal and was reportedly told it was a mistake to send his son home and that the shirt was an appropriate color blue and not in violation of the dress code at all.

The Charleston County school district released the following statement in response to the incident:

"It is not the Charleston County School District practice to have students sent home on the school bus for a dress code violation, with or without parental consent. We are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding this particular instance," said CCSD Spokesperson, Erica Taylor.

A district spokesperson says further information will be released once the investigation is complete.

Photo Source: ABC News 4


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