Child-Killing Mother Learns Her Fate


A woman from Arizona who killed her children in a motel room rather than lose custody of them to their father was sentenced to two lifetimes in prison on Jan. 8.

Marilyn Edge, 44, lost custody of her two children, 10-year-old Faith and 13-year-old Jaelen, at a 2013 family court hearing in Georgia, KTLA reports.

Edge refused to turn over her children to her husband, and instead drove from Georgia to California under the false pretense that they were taking a family vacation, according to prosecutors.

After renting a hotel room in Santa Ana, California, Edge used sleeping pills to sedate her children on Sept. 13, 2013. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that after doing this, Edge drowned Jaelen in the room's bathtub and smothered Faith with a pillow.

Edge reportedly tried to take her own life after the killings. She first drove her car into an electrical box, and later tried to choke herself with an electrical cord as rescue workers tried to remove her from the vehicle.

She was then arrested.

A Santa Ana judge gave Edge two lifetimes in prison for her role in her children's deaths.

WXIA reports the children's father and Edge's ex-husband, Mark Edge, was emotionally paralyzed when the news of what had happened to his children broke. He reportedly wrote a letter to Jaelen and Faith after their deaths saying, "I hope you realize how hard I tried for you."

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, KTLA, WXIA / Photo credit: Santa Ana Police Department via Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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