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Man Raped As A Child Reveals Attacker's Name (Photos)

A Texas man allegedly revealed his childhood rapist and attacker before he passed away.

Robbie Middleton, who passed away at 21-years-old, claimed he was raped and set on fire by Donald Collins, the Daily Mail reports.

Middleton spent most of his life in a hospital and passed away from cancer believed to have been caused by the burns.

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He was 8-years-old when he was allegedly raped two weeks before Collins -- who would have been 13 -- burned him alive.

“[Collins] took me out into the woods where I was burned. He pulled my clothes down and started raping me,” said Middleton, the Houston Chronicle reports.

To cover his crime, Collins reportedly later tied the boy to a tree and tortured him.

“Don grabbed me, turned me around and threw gas in my face,” recalled Middleton. He was then allegedly set on fire.

“I was running as fast as I could but I couldn't see where I was running to,” added Middleton.

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While Middleton accused Collins of committing the crimes in 1998, authorities at the time said there wasn’t enough evidence to convict.

Prosecutors now say they have witnesses willing to come forward.

“Our case is based on the testimony of adults who have come forward and can tell you what this man did when they were children,” Montgomery County prosecutor Kelly Blackburn said.

However, Collins’ legal team argue Middleton made it all up.

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“Do not expect the defense to bring an eyewitness to this tragedy because there is not one,” Attorney E. Tay Bond said. “There are no witnesses from the woods except for Robbie.”

Middleton’s mother also confirmed that shortly after the incident, the child was in so much pain he accused many people of being his attacker -- including the dog.

However, she said as soon he calmed down, he consistently argued Collins attacked him -- a stance he stood by until the day he died.

Three years after Middleton was raped and tortured, Collins spent time in jail for raping another 8-year-old child at gunpoint.

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