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Chihuahua Tries To Protect Woman From Angry Boyfriend Who Fatally Injures 6-Pound Dog

A  Louisiana man has been arrested twice on animal cruelty charges stemming from a violent attack that was fatal for the 6-pound Chihuahua, named Jojo. Rashard Poche and his girlfriend were involved in a lovers’ quarrel last Monday, and the little dog was trying to protect his owner’s niece from Poche’s rage, reports the Herald Guide.

The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office states that Poche’s girlfriend was pet-sitting the tiny dog for her aunt when the couple got into a heated argument.

Poche, 37, allegedly became furious at Jojo’s barking and threw the 6-pound dog against a wall and then “stomped” on him.

Jojo was rushed to Riverlands Animal Hospital in LaPlace, Louisiana, where he was treated for severe head trauma, neck injury, and shock. He was finally determined to be untreatable and had to be put down on Wednesday due to the severity of his injuries, according to the Raycomgroup.

Poche was arrested at approximately 10:00 p.m. Thursday in Killona, after officers issued a warrant for his arrest on misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. He was released later, after posting $280 in bail.

However, additional information from the veterinarian who treated Jojo caused the Sheriff's Office to consult with the District Attorney’s Office and issue a new warrant, the Herald Guide reports.

This time they sought federal anti-cruelty charges. A judge signed the new warrant and Poche was arrested again Friday evening. The Sheriff’s Office reports that he remains in custody under a $40,000 bond.

Community members in LaPlace set up a account, according to the Herald Guide. In less than a day donations exceeded the $1,500 needed to pay veterinary and cremation costs for Jojo.

They shared on the site that the little dog’s owner was “devastated and hysterical” when she returned and discovered what had happened to her pet.

Sources: Ray Com Group, Herald Guide / Photo Credit: Herald Guide, WikiCommons


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