Woman Allegedly Steals Dog At Gunpint During Craigslist Exchange

A Nebraska couple was terrified after they placed an ad on Craigslist to re-home their dog and ended up at being held at gunpoint.

Corine and Free Williams posted the ad in Bellevue, Nevada, in the hopes of giving a new home to their Chihuahua named Paco. When Patricia Winger arrived at a Bucky’s food store to pick up Paco, she held the couple at gunpoint and stole the dog on Thursday, according to WOWT News.

"[Winger] pulled [the gun] out first, and then she pointed it, and then after a minute she set it on the dash board,” Free told WOWT.

Luckily, the couple wrote down Winger’s license plate number. Following the event, they immediately contacted police.

Police arrived at the Winger’s home and found the gun used during the exchange. They also managed to find Paco unharmed.

“As you know it can be very dangerous, you don’t know who you are dealing with and it’s very wise to be cautious,” Investigator Laurie Synowiecki said.

Since the event, the Bellevue Police Department has created two marked parking spaces at the police station for Craigslist dealings and other legal exchanges. Both spots are monitored using surveillance cameras.

Winger was later arrested and jailed at the Sarpy County jail. She currently faces robbery charges. 

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Sources: WOWT, Inquisitr

Photo Credit: WOWT


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