Chihuahua Shot and Killed by Nasty Neighbor


A Utah town councilmember allegedly shot and killed his neighbor's 9-month-old Chihuahua, Rocky, simply because he was annoyed by the puppy's barking. Yes, there was reportedly alcohol involved, but surely even an inebriated government official should know that you try talking to your neighbor instead of hauling out the heavy artillery.

Unfortunately, hotheaded numbskulls like the person who killed Rocky lurk in just about every neighborhood. PETA regularly receives reports about unattended animals who have been shot, poisoned, beaten, or even set on fire right in their own yards. Rocky's tragic fate should serve as a reminder not to leave animals outside unsupervised.

PETA staffer Daphna Nachminovitch never lets little Gilli out of her sight when they go outside.

If you hear a dog in your neighborhood barking 'round the clock, go have a chat with the dog's guardian. Most localities have noise ordinances, and dogs who are outside barking all the time may be neglected, so have a look. Let guardians know how dangerous it is to allow their dogs to bark nonstop. It's better for them to get a wake-up call from a neighbor—or even the police—telling them to keep the dog inside than it would be to wake up to gunfire one day and find their beloved dog lying dead in the yard, killed by an angry neighbor.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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