Chihuahua’s Joyride Ends In Washington Fender Bender (Video)


A woman was recently waiting at a red light in a Spokane, Wash., intersection when a car came out of nowhere, causing a minor fender bender.

She was shocked to see no one behind the wheel at first.

But the biggest shock came when she realized there was something behind the wheel – a Chihuahua.

“When I looked up, there was no one in the car, just a little dog up on the steering wheel peeking over looking at me,” Tabitha Ormaechea told KREM.

“I was driving straight, headed west, in hopes of just going home,” she added. “Out of nowhere I had looked at all the lights, no cars, I reached down to get some chap stick, and that’s when I got hit.”

Ormaechea said she didn’t know if she was crazy or “if this little dog had taken a joy ride.”

The dog’s owner, Jason Martinez, thinks that’s exactly what happened.

Martinez had been inside a store for only minutes when someone asked him if the brown car was his.

“He must have knocked it out of gear and the car rolled out,” Martinez said.

The dog, Toby, gives a whole new meaning to unrestrained pets in cars, which experts say can be hugely distracting when riding in cars.

Martinez said he promises to never leave Toby unattended in a car ever again.

No one was hurt and damage was minimal.

Sources: KREM, Lake County News-Sun


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