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Chihuahua Found In Woman’s Luggage at LaGuardia Airport

A woman traveling through New York’s LaGuardia Airport claims she has no idea how her 7-year-old Chihuahua ended up in her suitcase at the airport.

The dog was found on March 3as it was headed to the plane’s cargo hold, according to CNBC. As the dog made its way through security, the alarm went off. Airport staff were expecting to find a knife or gun but instead found a small Chihuahua.

Lisa Farbstein, spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration, stated: “The woman said that the dog must have climbed into the suitcase and curled up in the clothing while she was packing for her trip.''

The woman called her husband, who came and picked up the startled dog from the airport. Luckily, the dog escaped unharmed.

This is not the first time a live hidden animal has almost made its way onto a plane.

In 2014, an 8-year-old boy in China attempted to smuggle his pet turtle onto a boarding flight by hiding the creature in his underpants. The boy was caught, but was promised the turtle could travel along in the cargo section of the plane, according to the Telegraph.

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Another Chinese passenger in 2013 also attempted to smuggle a turtle onto a flight. The man, identified only as Mr. Li, hid the reptile in a KFC sandwich, according to Huffington Post. When stopped by security, he insisted there was nothing to see except for food. But authorities figured out that in between the buns, there was a live turtle.

A woman traveling from Tel Aviv to London in 2013 attempted to smuggle her tiny Yorkshire Terrier onto her flight. The plane made it partially down the runway before a passenger heard squeaking and reported the dog. She was ultimately removed from the flight along with her tiny pet, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: CNBC, Telegraph, Huffington Post, Daily Mail.

Photo: Daily Mail


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