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Chihuahua Fed Nine Sewing Needles, Survives Surgery

A five-pound chihuahua recently showed up at an Orange County, California animal shelter with nine sewing needles inside his body.

The stray chihuahua had emergency surgery at OC Animal Care after veterinarians discovered the needles while taking an X-ray.

After one of the sewing needles was removed from his heart with a magnet, the little dog's heartbeat stopped for 15 minutes.

The dog's surgeon Dr. Diane Craig massaged the tiny heart, but that failed to help. She then chose to defibrillate the chihuahua's heart and he came back to life.

"[The needles] had just left the stomach and were going through the liver, through the diaphragm and were headed into his chest," the dog's surgeon Dr. Diane Craig told CBS Los Angeles. "We had this dog's chest and abdomen open at the same time."

Dr. Craig said the needles were also poking holes in the dog's lungs. She believes the ingestion of the needles was an intentional act: "It’s hard to imagine a dog would voluntarily eat nine sewing needles."

People interested in donating money to the shelter to help with the surgery costs can do so through OC Animal Care.

The shelter is hoping to find the little dog, now named "Yoda," a home.

Sources: CBS Los Angeles and OC Animal Care


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