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Chihuahua Born Without Legs Gets Some Sweet New Wheels (Video)

A teacup Chihuahua in Indianapolis who was born without his front legs is now mobile thanks to a 3D-printed cart.

The 9-week old puppy TurboRoo was adopted by Ashley Looper, who says the pup initially got around by hopping like a frog.

“When I took him home I made a cart for him to get around in, which I made entirely from toys but I knew he would need something a little more permanent,” she said.

Looper crowd sourced funds to make a device that would get TurboRoo running.

“I set up an online fundraiser with a picture of Turbo in his toy wheels asking for donations to help him get the new wheels he needed,” she said. “The donations came flooding in and I was so appreciative and overwhelmed by the love and support from people. It wasn't long after that a man who worked for a 3D design company messaged me and said he would make Turbo a cart.”

Four days later she received a custom 3-D printed cart from Mark Deadrick, a mechanical engineer.

“Mark has never asked us for anything, he took Turbo on as a special project and has not asked for any payment,” Looper said.

The cart has given the puppy a new lease on life.

“When I first took him home he didn't really do much but since then he has become a super cute fun-loving puppy,” she said. "He constantly plays and hops around at our house and at work when I am on my lunch and he can do so much he could not do before.”

Sources: KTVU, Daily Mail

Image screenshot: YouTube / Fox News


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