Baltimore School Cop Kicks, Hits Young Man (Video)


A Baltimore school police officer was caught on a cellphone video (shown below) slapping and kicking a young man at the REACH! Partnership School on March 1.

The chief of Baltimore City school police, Marshall Goodwin, was placed on administrative leave, and the officer was reassigned during an investigation, notes CBS Baltimore.

WBAL reports that Goodwin was not only placed on administrative leave during the investigation, but that both officers in the video were also suspended with pay.

The REACH! Partnership School is one of only seven high schools in the city with a police presence. School officials insist that law enforcement isn't there because of any violence, but rather because the facility is large.

The person who filmed the incident, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claimed that the young man is a student.

However, a city schools spokesperson said the young man was not a student and didn't have permission to be at the school, notes WBAL.

Baltimore City schools said it would not identify the officer in question because it's a personnel matter.

EdSource noted in 2014 that a school district investigated a sexual abuse incident by a teacher and called it a personnel matter. Mississippi News Now reported in 2012 that alleged child abuse at a school was also deemed a personnel matter.

In 2005, said that a police officer was transferred out of a Maryland school after reporting a school security guard for allegedly possessing child porn. The Montgomery County schools spokesman described it as a personnel matter.

Sources: WBAL-TV, CBS Baltimore, EdSource, Mississippi News Now, / Photo Credit: ASA J/YouTube

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