Nebraska's TWJ Farms: Chickens to be Pulverized Alive


Thanks to a courageous whistleblower, PETA has learned that Nebraska egg company TWJ Farms is allegedly planning to grind up approximately 70,000 chickens … while they are still alive. Brace yourself:

This barbaric practice is reportedly standard operating procedure at the company's factory farms. The witness told PETA that in recent years TWJ has ground to death hundreds of thousands of "spent" hens—those whose exhausted bodies have stopped producing eggs at a rate high enough for the company to justify continuing to pay to feed them. The witness also said that many of the birds were not killed outright but were ejected from the grinder with missing wings and limbs and left to suffer in agony for hours before finally dying, sometimes a day later.

We've sent an urgent letter to the company's CEO demanding an end to these horrific killings. We've also called on local law enforcement to intervene, pointing out that grinding animals to death falls outside even the cruel egg industry's own standards and thus likely violates Nebraska's Livestock Animal Welfare Act. We've also asked officials to investigate and—if warranted—to file criminal charges against all appropriate parties.

Of course, cruelty is par for the course on factory farms that jam chickens into stacked wire cages in which they can barely move. But when an industry that's cruel enough to allow chicks' sensitive beaks to be hacked off does not "approve" a killing method—in this case, dumping chickens into a grinder as if they were nothing more than tree branches to be tossed into a wood chipper—then you know the method must be particularlycruel!

Watch for updates to this case. In the meantime, you can help millions of chickens who live and die in misery by cutting eggs from your diet and going vegan.

Written by Jennifer O'Connor


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