Chickens Go 'Hi-Vis' With Safety Gear

With the increasing popularity of chickens as pets, it isn’t surprising that a company would create designer wear to help them safely strut their stuff. “

After public officials, cyclists and schoolchildren, the nation’s pet chickens have become the latest group to succumb to Britain’s "high visibility culture,” writes Jasper Coping of the Telegraph.

These bibs are not just an adornment. They are made of a durable fluorescent fabric specially designed to assure any wandering bird can be seen in dim lighting.

The “High Vis Chicken Jackets” have been developed by Omelet, a company which manufactures fashionable chicken coops to cater for the expanding domestic-chicken market.

Johannes Paul, one of the directors, said: “We had people inquiring about this kind of thing so we decided to look into it.”

“Most people who have chickens as pets will have them out and about, and we do hear about chickens that cross the road, he added.

“If you imagine you are in a built-up area and your chicken gets under the fence, they don’t care if there is a road there. They just go straight across it.”

Chickens tend to put themselves to bed – or roost – at dusk, but Mr. Paul said that was a time when they were particularly vulnerable to traffic and also in a hurry to get home.

The bibs cost around £12 ($16.50 USD) and are available in pink or yellow, went on sale earlier this month in Great Britain, according to the Telegraph.

Source: Telegraph


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