Chicken Express Offers Free Chicken for Customers with Gun Permits (Video)


Chicken Express in Bossier City, Louisiana, is offering free food to customers who bring their gun permits to dinner (video below).

“You don’t get a chance often to be heard,” Chicken Express owner Randal Neel told KLVT-TV. “We’ve had probably our busiest Saturday we’ve ever had.”

There are numerous pro-gun bills proposed in the Louisiana Legislature to weaken gun control, even though 85 percent of Louisiana residents supported expanded background checks in a recent poll, reports

Neel told KLTV-TV that guns help reduce crime and deter criminals. He failed to mention that most gun murders are not committed by criminals, but rather by family members and friends of the victim, according to the FBI.

Chicken Express is not the first restaurant offering discounts to gun owners.

In February, a Frozen Yogurt shop in Utah and four businesses in Virginia offered discounts for customers who brought guns or gun permits.

According to, the Langtry Cafe in Brownsdale, Minnesota, is offering up to 25 percent off to customers who display a gun in the restaurant.

“I haven’t seen anybody walk out, but I’m sure there’s a possibility that they may be offended,” said Langtry Cafe owner Steve Nagel.

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