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Chicago's Kelli Belpedio Sues Restaurant Doorman Schyler Truesdell For Hug That Popped Her Breast Implant


A Chicago woman has filed a lawsuit against a restaurant doorman for a hug that allegedly caused her breast implant to pop out. Plaintiff Kelli Belpedio claims that she was greeted with an unusually-tight hug from doorman Schyler Truesdell immediately after entering Epic Restaurant in Chicago on March 29th, 2013.  

“When Schyler Truesdell was squeezing Kelli Belpedio against his body on March 29, 2013, she felt a pain in the right side of her chest and a pressure against her right arm,” the complaint, which was filed in Chicago's Cook County Circuit Court, reads. Truesdell is described in the lawsuit as “a former college football offensive linemen who weighed approximately 300 pounds.”

Belpedio believes it was Truesdell’s hug that caused one of her breast implants to pop the following day. “When Kelli Belpedio awoke on March 30, 2013, her right breast implant was deflated,” the complaint continues.

Belpedio and her attorney Nathan J. Mirocha are suing for up to $50,000 in damages. The defendants listed in the trial are Truesdell, Epic Management 351 and restaurant owner Steven Tavoso. Belpedio and Mirocha filed the lawsuit against these three on the basis that “Truesdell’s bosses should have told him ‘that doorman duties and policies at Epic Restaurant did not include bear hugging customers,’” UPI reports.

Epic is a relatively upscale, fine-dining restaurant located in downtown Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Information as to Truesdell and Belpedio’s prior relationship has not yet been made public, but should be a key detail as the lawsuit continues.


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