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Chicago Violence Compared to Iraq in New Film 'Chi Raq' (Video)

Filmmaker Will Robson-Scott has recently produced a new documentary short about Chicago's poorest and most violent neighborhoods.

Because the violence in some parts of Chicago is comparable to Iraq, the city has taken on a nickname that is also the title of the film: "Chi Raq" (video below).

In "Chi Raq," Robson-Scott interviews various gang members, ex-gang members and parents who explain how the streets work.

"This s--- ain't no movie. This is real life. We living this s---. This Taliban, al-Qaeda s--- is going on over here and we at war with each other. We don't give no f--- about anybody else," says one man.

Robson-Scott, who is from London, told Mother Jones that the murder rate in Chicago is partly because "the availability of guns. It's the issue. If you didn't have that many guns, there wouldn't be that many murders. The crazy thing is that the gun laws in Chicago are strict… but it doesn't matter because it borders, like, Gary, Indiana where you can go into a store and buy a gun."

"...To be honest, I can't give you the causes of what it is. It's a simple thing of, like, jobs, family structure, role models, education, diet, it's just hope at the end of the day. I don't wanna say there's no hope, but I don't know, man."

Source: Mother Jones


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