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Chicago Six-Year-Old Shot Three Times

Six-year-old Brian Fernandez was sitting in a car with his brothers Wednesday night when he was shot three times. The shooting occurred in the Gage Park area of Chicago, an area infamous for violence.

Fernandez survived the shooting, and is now being treated at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Police do not yet have any suspects in the case.

Fernandez and his brother, 7-year-old Roger, had just finished a tutoring session when their 19-year-old brother came to pick them up. According to some reports, the oldest brother was arguing with two men, grew afraid and then began driving away from the scene. The police report states that the men threw bottles at the car and made comments that the teen could not make out.

Shots were fired as the brothers were driving away, and at least one bullet shattered the back window. Brian was sitting in the backseat, and was hit three times.

“[The oldest brother] drove away and heard shots,” said Chicago Police spokesman Dan O’Brien. “A short time later he realized the 6-year-old victim in the car was wounded and contacted authorities.”

The two suspects fled after the assault, leaving Brian with bullets in the chest and shoulder.

"Right now, he is stable," Brian’s mother told the Chicago Tribune. "But the bullet did go through. It went into the chest and went out the back. They gave him morphine to try to control him."

Brian’s mother spoke through an interpreter, who said, "She can't imagine what her son is going through."

Witness Steven Hernandez was inside his home during the incident. He heard five shots fired, and rushed outside to see the a car driving away with a busted rear window.

Said Hernandez, “I don’t feel safe with the gangs over here. This is Kings area.”

He also said, “My newborn niece was in a stroller, our whole family is out here. You got shots fired and you have a little baby in a stroller. It’s ridiculous.”

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