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Chicago Shop Owner Luis Quizhpe Shot, Fights Off Attackers with Bat (Video)

The 62-year-old owner of a souvenir shop in Chicago managed to fight off armed robbers with a bat on Tuesday even after he had been shot in the leg.

Two armed men walked into Luis Quizhpe’s store, Quizhpe’s Gifts, in Logan Square around 5:30 p.m. An assailant grabbed Quizhpe’s brother-in-law saying “Give me the money or you are dead.” A violent struggle ensued.

One robber allegedly shot his accomplice as he tried to get hold of Quizphe. The injured assailant, Cornell Mack, limped towards the front of the store as his partner began shooting at Quizhpe. The gunman tried to jump over the counter, but Quizhpe, armed with a bat, started swinging. Shot in the leg, he never backed down. His brother-in-law also threw a stool and a fire extinguisher. Finally the attackers fled the seen.

Quizhpe is currently recovering from his gunshot wound. He is in good condition and was released from Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center Wednesday night. He said he is “happy and grateful to be home with family.”

"I just need to feel better," he said. "I'll just keep praying for everyone, the good ones and for the bad ones to stop doing things like this."

Cornell Mack, 53, was charged today with attempted first-degree murder, armed robbery and discharge of a firearm, the Chicago Tribune Reported. The second gunman remains at large and his name has not been reported.

Mack, who was shot in the stomach by his accomplice, was unable to leave the store after he was shot because of a security system that was engaged.

Judge Laura Sullivan set Mack’s bail at $750,000.

Assistant State’s Attorney Erin Antoinetti said Mack and an accomplice were in the process of removing cash from the register when the shooting started. Mack was hit in the stomach, and Quizhpe was hit in the upper right leg.

“Defendant Mack tried to get out of the store but was unable to because of the security system,” Antoinetti said. She said the accomplice was able to hit the security buzzer, while being repeatedly hit with a bat by Quizhpe. Mack was taken into custody at Stroger and “gave an admission to police,” Antoinetti said.

Sources:, Chicago Tribune


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