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Chicago School Defends Duct-Taping 4-Year-Old Student

Officials at a private school in Chicago are defending the decision to duct tape a student's wrists after he misbehaved in class.

The four-year-old boy was apparently being disruptive during nap-time last Wednesday at the Pui Tak Christian School and was taken out of class. The school's executive director, David Wu, picks up the story in an email to the Chicago Sun-Times:

"On the way to the office and in the office, he repeatedly struck two of our staff members and acted out of control.

"A few minutes before the father arrived, our vice principal loosely taped his long-sleeved shirt sleeves together to restrain his hands. This was an effort to keep him from injuring himself and others."

The child's father, Harold Irving, said he was stunned when he arrived at the school and found his son bound.

"I received a call from the school informing me that my son was in the principal’s office because he refused to take a nap, and he didn’t want to wash his hands," the former police officer said. "I arrived shortly after that and found him standing there with his hands duct-taped together. I have never seen anything like that done to a child."

Irving filed a complaint with police alleging unlawful restraint and contacted the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Wu said the school is cooperating in the investigation.


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