Chicago’s Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy Attacks Gun Owners

Chicago’s Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy stated on a Sunday morning talk show that gun owners are agents of political corruption, reports Examiner.com.

McCarthy reportedly claimed that gun owners who lobby elected officials or donate money to pro-gun political candidates are engaging in a type of corruption that endangers public safety.

On Sunday, Richard Pearson, Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) responded: "Garry McCarthy’s understanding of our Constitution barely qualifies him as a meter maid, never mind the chief of the nation’s third largest police department. What on earth would possess McCarthy to assert that constitutional rights should be meted out based on public opinion polls? Let’s not forget that public opinion polls once opposed a woman’s right to vote."

Chicago has been plagued with gun violence. The windy city had more than 500 gun murders last year and already 42 in January of 2013.

On Friday, President Obama came to Chicago to talk about guns and poverty at Hyde Park Academy on the city’s South Side. After a few hours, there were four more Chicagoans wounded with one woman dying from her gunshot.

Source: Examiner.com


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