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Chicago Robber Rejects Victim's Subpar Phone, Returns It

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A Chicago robber who held a man at gunpoint and demanded the victim's cell phone this week returned the phone when he determined he was not impressed.

The robber, Joseph Bunch, and an accomplice snuck up on the man en route to work in the early morning on Monday. The two ordered the man to hand over his possessions, which included a wallet and Ventra card along with a phone.

After inspecting the cell phone, Bunch handed it back.

Bunch confessed to having an iPhone and argued that it is “the best phone there is” in court on Tuesday. Bunch admitted that he became upset when the victim did not have a better phone to offer.  

Both Bunch and his accomplice were charged with robbery and ordered to be held on $90,000 bail when they appeared briefly in court.

Sources: DNA Info, ABC


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