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Chicago Police Use Taser On Man In Jail Cell, Drag Him On Floor (Video)

The Chicago Police Department released a surveillance video (below) on Dec. 7 of a 2012 incident in which officers used a Taser on Philip Coleman inside a jail cell and then dragged him down a hallway. Now, police is being investigated and Coleman's family is suing.

"I do not see how the manner in which Mr. Coleman was physically treated could possibly be acceptable," Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in response to the video's release, according to ABC 7 Chicago.

The officers involved were given one-day suspensions after the incident.

Coleman, 38, had been arrested for allegedly assaulting his 69-year-old mother on Dec. 13, 2012, and he reportedly spit blood on the police officers who were dispatched to the Coleman home.

After the jail incident, police took Coleman to a local hospital where he was given a sedative, but he later died. An autopsy at the time revealed that Coleman died from an allergic reaction to the medication.

However, the Coleman family isn't buying that explanation.

"Someone in this city needs to be responsible for killing my son, and the Chicago police are at the head of this table," Percy Coleman, the 38-year-old man's father, told the media on Dec. 8, ABC 7 Chicago notes.

"In the coroner's report are 51 external injuries, 19 internal injuries," Bishop Grant Tavis, who appeared with Percy, added. "All occurred prior to the drug being administered [at the hospital]."

"The police do something wrong, they call some people together and then they try to smooth it over by giving you some buckets," Percy, a former police chief who spent more than 40 years in law enforcement, said.

Percy said that his son had a mental breakdown, and that he (Percy) pleaded with police to take the young man to a mental hospital.

"He was told, Percy can tell you himself, he was told, 'We don't do hospitals, we do jail,'" Ed Fox, the Coleman family's lawyer, said.

The Coleman family sued the City of Chicago, and the trial is set to begin in March 2016.

The investigation into the incident is also being reopened.

Sources: ABC 7 Chicago (2) / Photo Credit: Chicago Police Department/ABC 7 Chicago Screenshot

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