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Chicago Pays $5 Million To Family Of Teen Killed By Cops, Won't Release Video Of Shooting

The City of Chicago has agreed to pay $5 million to the family of a black teen who was killed by police, but is refusing to release a dashcam video of the incident.

City officials did not even show the video to the Chicago City Council on Wednesday before they voted unanimously to approve the multi-million dollar settlement for Laquan McDonald's family, who have not even filed a lawsuit.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel claimed that police and the FBI are holding back the video as it is "central to their investigation," reports the Associated Press.

City officials claim the video will be released when the investigation is complete, but numerous videos of police violence all over the country have been released before investigations have been completed.

Police officers reportedly responded to a 911 call of a man with a knife trying to break into some cars on Oct. 20, 2014.

McDonald, 17, was allegedly carrying a knife and refused to drop it after police officers followed him for several blocks.

He was shot 16 times by an unidentified police officer who claimed that he feared for his life, however, none of the other officers fired their guns.

Jeffrey Neslund, a lawyer for McDonald’s mother, has seen the dashcam video.

Neslund told the Chicago Sun-Times that McDonald is seen carrying a knife while walking in the middle of a road when two police officers jump out of their car. Neslund said one of the officers fired at McDonald who was 12 to 15 feet away.

Neslund added, "Chicago detectives went in [Burger King] the next morning without a warrant, and 86 minutes of surveillance footage from all the cameras within Burger King were removed from the computer’s hard drive.”

The Chicago Police Department did not respond to questions about the Burger King surveillance video.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Associated Press
Image Credit: Endlezz


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