Chicago O'Hare Airport to Replace Lawnmowers with Goats

Chicago O'Hare International Airport is hiring a fleet of goats to keep its lawns in shape, as they are able to reach difficult areas better than lawnmowers can.

The 25 goats will replace lawnmowers at the airport and are expected to clear out 250 square feet of grassy area every day.

A local restaurant gave the goats to the airport after they purchased them on a whim in preparation for goat burgers. Afterward, they decided they did not want to put goat burgers on the menu, and realized the goats were "perfect lawn mowers." 

The airport plans to put the goats on hilly areas and roadways that are covered with brush.

They will put fences up to prevent the goats from going on runways, and a "keeper" will be around to ensure the goats stay on track. 

"The embankments cause wear and tear on our machinery and are difficult for our team members to reach. It's not like mowing your lawn. We're utilizing natural resources more efficiently," the city's Aviation Commissioner said. 

Goats at the airport will work through the spring and summer. Then, they will return to their farm and be kept safe until next spring, when they will begin their lawn-clearing duties again.

Sources: Inquisitr,Chicago Tribune


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