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Chicago Man Released After Wrongful Imprisonment For 17 Years Is Murdered

A Chicago man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years was shot and killed on Tuesday, nearly three years after his release from prison.

Alprentiss Nash, 40, was shot after an argument regarding "some sort of transaction", Chicago police representative Anthony Guglielmi said.

Kathleen Zellner, Nash's attorney, told the Sun-Times Media Wire that he was killed "during a failed robbery attempt," according to CBS News.

She also said the police currently have a suspect in custody.

Nash was cleared in August 2012 after he was convicted in the 1995 murder of Leon Stroud. DNA analysis from a ski mask found at the scene proved his innocence as they matched the genetic makeup of another person.

A certificate of innocence was issued to Nash, and a settlement close to $200,000 was given to him by the state after he was cleared.

Nash's son will represent his now deceased father in a pending federal civil rights case against Chicago and its police department dating back to the 1995 murder.

The lawsuit argues that officers forced witnesses to specifically point Nash out in a lineup, even though he was not at the scene of the crime, according to the Sun-Times Media wire. The lawsuit also alleges that the ski mask that proved Nash's innocence was not immediately tested for forensic data after the 1995 case.

After his release, Nash strived to make the most out of his lost time--family members say his new wardrobe and car "could have attracted negative attention."

"I think the money attracted the wrong people, and they were watching him," said his cousin, Coby Adolph, to the Chicago Tribune. "He worked hard to get back into society. Being locked up for so long ... he was trying to get into the swing of things."

"He had been robbed last year," Zellner said. "He was stressed out, and he felt pressured and that people were after him. People thought he had money."

Sources: Associated Press/CBSChicago Tribune

Photo Credit: WLS-TV


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