Chicago Man Faces Felony Charge for Stabbing Giant Inflatable Rat


A Chicago man who stabbed a giant inflatable rat with a box cutter and then ran over it with his car now faces a felony charge.

The 43-year-old George Koukos attacked the inflatable rat in late April, because it was blocking him from entering a building where he needed to complete a moving job, according to the Blaze.

Protesters had erected the rat — named “Scabby” — as part of a union demonstration. Scabby is used frequently during union protests against companies that employ nonunion workers, according to CBS Chicago.

At the demonstration, Koukos and picketers fought about whether or not Koukos was part of the union and whether or not the protesters would move Scabby out of Koukos’s way.

Koukos ended the second argument by stabbing Scabby and then driving on top of him.

Protesters called the police, who arrested Koukos and initially charged him with a misdemeanor.

But Chicago police later heightened the charges against Koukos to include one felony count of criminal damage property in addition to a misdemeanor.

A Chicago court set Koukos’s jail bond at $100,000. 

Sources: The Blaze, CBS Chicago


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