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Chicago Lawyer Reema Bajaj Faces Disciplinary Action After Sex-for-Office Supplies Prostitution Case

An attorney who pleaded guilty to prostitution charges a year ago is now accused of lying to the Illinois state disciplinary board.

The complaint against Reem Bajaj, 27, was filed last week. In September, Bajaj gave a sworn statement to the Illinois ARDC, telling an attorney for the agency that she never received money for sex.

"I do not believe he paid me for sex," she said, the complaint alleges.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Bajaj posted online ads under the name Nikita and accepted money from two men in exchange for sex. The first man paid her $200 for sex at a DeKalb hotel, and then paid her $100 per meeting for about 25 encounters they had over the next three years, the complaint alleges.

A second man paid her between $25 and $70 in cash or an equivalent amount in DVDs or gift cards for sex on at least 15 occasions between 2007 and 2011, according to the complaint. Bajaj graduated from Northern Illinois University law school and became a licensed attorney in 2010. That same year, she had sex with the second man in exchange for about $70 worth of office supplies for her legal practice in Sycamore, according to the complaint.

The Illinois ARDC is seeking sanctions against Bajaj for allegedly lying in her sworn statements and not disclosing on her bar application that she was working as a prostitute.

Sources: ChicagoTribune, AboveTheLaw


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