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Chicago Gun Control Activists Stage "Die-In" to Protest Stand Your Ground Laws

Approximately 100 gun control activists gathered outside of the American Legislative Exchange Conference in Chicago to stage a “die-in.” The group laid down in front of the doors to the conference room as if dead in order to protest the right-wing group’s support of Stand Your Ground laws.

The die-in brought together activists from groups including Stand Up! Chicago and Action Now.

Carl Gibson, one of the participants in the protest, stated, “Stand Your Ground? I call them the ‘Shoot First Laws. It’s not really standing your ground, it’s just a shoot first, ask questions later law and it enabled George Zimmerman to get away with murdering a child.”

Shani Smith, another activist, added, “ALEC is here today to push Stand Your Ground laws all across our nation. Do we want that? We are here today to stand up to ALEC and let them know that we will no longer allow them to terrorize working families.”

Protestors like Gibson hope that the emotionally charged protest will have an impact on the conservative legislators attending the conference.

In fact, ALEC might be at least somewhat responsible for some existing Stand Your Ground laws across the country. ALEC’s Civil Justice Task Force championed the Castle Doctrine Act and Stand Your Ground laws as “model legislation” in 2005.

Protestors have argued that ALEC helps corporations at the expense of everyday workers by focusing on privatization, legislation to destroy unions, and limiting the power of federal oversight groups.

A representative from ALEC did not respond to requests from reporters, so it is unclear whether or not the protest will have any impact on ALEC attendees.

What are your thoughts? Are groups like ALEC what’s wrong with America, or do you see them as an important facet of our legislative system?

Source: Progress Illinois


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