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Chicago Dog Walker Caught Abusing Dog In Elevator (Video)

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A dog walker was caught on surveillance video footage kicking two dogs in an apartment complex elevator, a property manager reported on Wednesday.

In the video (shown below), Chicago man Jon Steinholt can be seen entering the elevator of the Catalyst Apartments building in West Loop with two leashed dogs. One dog is small and white and the other is a beagle. There is a man inside the elevator, but once he leaves, Steinholt begins to abuse the beagle.

The dog walker steps on the beagle’s paws, then forcefully kicks him. The beagle can be seen cowering in the corner.

“I am a despicable individual who did a horrible thing to a defenseless animal,” Steinholt wrote in an email to customers of Alone At Home Pet Care. “I deserve all that I am now receiving. I am ashamed of my actions.”

According to the building’s security guard, the beagle was acting strange when it entered the elevator.

“Our door staff was very alert and attentive and noticed [the dog’s behavior], which prompted us to follow [the dog walker] and watch him,” the property manager told Staff at the apartment complex reportedly alerted police to the incident on Tuesday, and Steinholt was banned from the property, ABC News reports.

The beagle’s owner wrote in a letter to other dog owners that she was "extremely upset" that she let the man enter her home and care for her dog.

The Alone At Home Pet Care website has since been deleted. 

Sources: DNA Info, ABC News

Photo Credit: ABC News


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