Chicago Cop Stops Man From Legally Filming Her (Video)


An unidentified Chicago police officer recently grabbed a camera away from a resident who was filming law enforcement in a local park.

In the video (below) shot by the citizen, several police cars are in Garfield Park removing citizens for allegedly smoking pot and drinking, notes

A woman, who gives therapeutic massages in the park, is talking to a male police officer as another police vehicle drives by. The vehicle stops and a female officer quickly steps out.

The female officer knocks the camera down and says to the cameraman, "Did I give you permission to record me?”

“I’m recording the whole situation that is going on,” the cameraman replies.

The female police officer then tells the cameraman to produce his I.D. The video soon stops.

The Illinois Eavesdropping Act, which banned citizens from filming public officials, including law enforcement, without their permission in public was overturned in March by the Illinois Supreme Court in an unanimous decision, noted



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