Chicago Cop Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Breaking 89-Year-Old's Hip When Asked To Stop Cursing In Public


A 59-year-old former Chicago police officer was sentenced to three years in prison last week for breaking an 89-year-old man’s hip.

According to reports, David Barrett was convicted of aggravated battery back in May for the incident in December of last year. The 20-year veteran of Chicago’s police force reportedly was off-duty when he entered a gas station convenience store and began cursing at two employees because he was having trouble pumping his gas.

The 89-year-old victim was in line behind Barrett and asked him to stop cursing at the cashiers. That, in turn, angered Barrett even more and lead him to push the elderly man to the ground. Barrett stood in the store for a few more minutes and continued to yell at other people before eventually leaving. Luckily, a patron ran out after him, wrote down his license plate number, and reported the incident to local police.

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The 89-year-old victim wound up suffering a broken hip and torn rotator cuff and was forced to spend an “extended period of time” in a rehabilitation center following corrective surgery. Barrett was eventually arrested and charged with aggravated battery back in May. Now, he has learned his fate and will spend the next three years behind bars.

Sources: The Free Though Project, The Chicago Tribune


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