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Chicago Burglar Fails To Pull Open Door Marked ‘Push’ (Video)

A would-be burglar wasted several minutes while breaking into a Chicago bar because he made the mistake of trying to pull a door open when there was a sign that clearly reads “Push.”

It was all caught on surveillance footage at The Shambles’ winter vestibule, a temporary covering in front of the bar, where he was protected from view. He then removed the bar’s front door lock early Friday morning.

The hooded criminal is seen in the video pulling on the door at approximately 2:08 a.m. and was able to knock a security door brace loose.

Even though the burglar managed to get past the brace, he lacked the sense to try and pull the door open. He eventually gave up and fled.

"It's much funnier on the video, but the still shots show him pulling on the door. He could have pushed it," Joe Lin, the bar's owner, told DNA Info in Chicago.

Lin says the suspect had tools and was prepared, but something simple stopped him.

"I don't know if he realized there was a security stick on there, because yeah, he did get confused, because he's like, 'I dismantled a lock, I should be able to get in. Why is this not working?'" Lin told ABC News Chicago.

"The gall of him breaking in in broad daylight. It's light out, people are jogging by. I want to let other businesses know," Lin added.

The suspect is still at large and police are investigating numerous other attempted break-ins in the area.


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