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Bulls' Kris Dunn Falls, Leaves Teeth Marks On Court (Video)

Bulls' Kris Dunn Falls, Leaves Teeth Marks On Court (Video) Promo Image

NBA player Kris Dunn suffered an injury to his mouth in a hard fall following a slam dunk on Jan. 17 (video below).

Dunn, a point guard for the Chicago Bulls, has slam dunked hundreds of times throughout his life and career, but his most recent attempt ended in a serious injury that appeared to be extremely painful.

After the Bulls player leaped into the air to dunk the ball, his arms slipped off the rim, sending him face-first into the ground. Dunn's arms did not break his fall, and his face slammed against the hard, wooden floor of the court.

He was treated by medical staff on the sidelines.

According to the Daily Mail, Dunn managed to avoid serious injury, but he left quite the mark behind. One Twitter user pointed out that Dunn's teeth left a mark in the floor of the United Center.

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The Chicago Bulls shared an update on Dunn's injury on the team's Twitter account.

"Kris Dunn chipped and dislocated two front teeth when he fell with 2:52 left in the fourth quarter in tonight's game," the team wrote in a tweet, reported USA Today. "He was also evaluated for potential concussion and at this time is clear f concussion symptoms. He will be re-evaluated tomorrow."

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg spoke to ESPN about the incident.

"He didn't lose teeth," Hoiberg said of Dunn. "There was a good little chunk that he took out on the floor. He's being evaluated. Tough kid."

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The team is expected to issue an update on Dunn's condition.

"We don't know for sure [if it's a concussion]," the coach added. "We'll know a lot more in the morning."

Readers shared their thoughts on the incident on ESPN's site.

"First of all, glad to know that Dunn is ok," one reader commented. "Face-first to the hardwood from 6ft+ and he was able to walk away? Yeah he’s got a few loose teeth, a busted lip, and is in the concussion protocol but he got up and WALKED AWAY.... Unbelievable!"

"Dunn has been playing to validate his high pick, certainly proves that some coaches GM’s don’t want to even attempt to develop young players," another user wrote. "Hope he can come back quick and strong, without any knock to his confidence, he has been balling his way into consideration for most improved."

"Glad you got up KD!" another user added. "Recover soon young man. You've got a very bright future. Keep ballin'!!"

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