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Chicago Boy Saves Sister From Being Abducted

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A girl in Chicago was saved from a man trying to abduct her after her brother grabbed her legs and refused to let go.

The attempted abduction occurred in the Avondale area of Chicago, Illinois, on Monday morning in broad daylight, according to My Fox Chicago. Diavonnie Ingram and her bother, Devonte, were reportedly walking together when a man in a white van approached them and grabbed her violently. 

“She was already half way in to the van, like to the waist, and I had to grab her legs and keep pulling as hard as I could,” Devonte told ABC 7 Chicago. 

“I was trying to grab anything i could to try and not go in to [the] van,” Diavonnie added.

The man, according to Diavonnie, remained completely silent as the brother and sister struggled to get away.

“My brother looked back and that's when he noticed the doors were open," she said. “I didn't hear them open."

The children’s mother, Felicia Wings, said she’s still processing what happened to her children.

“It's disturbing, it's really disturbing," she said. “My heart dropped. This is my kids.

"You see and read about this all the time, but for it to happen to me, I was flabbergasted, I couldn't believe it."

Wings added that her son will always "be our hero because he saved her life."

Police are currently investigating the incident and attempting to locate the suspect.

Sources: ABC 7 Chicago, My Fox Chicago

Photo Credit: My Fox Chicago, ABC 7 Screenshots


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