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Cher On Trump: 'I Shudder To Think' What Will Happen

Singer Cher participated in the demonstrations in New York City Nov. 9 to protest the election of Donald Trump.

USA Today reports that the singer was there giving hugs to fellow protesters in order to reassure them.

"Walked out hotel and [into] NEW YORKERS!!" she wrote on Twitter. "THEY WERE LOUD & PROUD!! THAT AMERICANS HAVE THE RIGHT [TO] YELL HOW THEY FEEL!! Hugged many. THEY HAVE SPIRIT."

Cher had hosted a fundraiser for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton prior to the election. There, she said she was "going to have to leave the planet" if Donald Trump won, according to CBS News.

"Young people with fresh ideas and energy is what we need," she added at the time. "We're fading. Not fast, but we're fading."

Once it became clear that Trump was going to be the next President of the United States, Cher talked to LGBTQ Nation about the fear she felt for that community, especially since her son, Chaz Bono, is transgender.

"I shudder to think [what will happen], you know?" she said. "I shudder to think."

Also spotted at anti-Trump protests were celebrities Mark Ruffalo and Madonna.

Sources: CBS News, LGBTQ Nation, USA Today / Photo credit: David Carroll/Flickr

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