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Chemical Cargo Train Hits Truck, Explodes (Video)

A freight train containing chemicals, including flourocyclic acid, crashed into a garbage truck in Rosedale, Maryland, causing a fire and an explosion today (video below).

The huge explosion damaged several buildings and shook homes.

The truck driver, John Alban Jr., is in stable condition at the shock-trauma center of the University of Maryland, reports USA Today.

Three other people were also injured, but are in stable condition at the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center.

An engineer and conductor aboard the 45-car train, which was traveling from Selkirk, New York to Waycross, Georgia, were not seriously injured.

A ground level amateur video (below) of the explosion was filmed by some men in a vehicle near the train. They used some colorful profanity to describe the incident, reports

Sources: USA Today and



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