Chelsea Handler Slams Sean Spicer Over Hitler Comments (Video)


Chelsea Handler stopped by Conan O'Brien's show to voice her unwavering disapproval of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and President Donald Trump's administration (video below).

Handler visited O'Brien on April 11, and vented about her favorite member of the Trump administration, Sean Spicer, The Daily Beast reported.

“How about that Sean Spicer, baked potato guy?” Handler asked O'Brien while laughing. “It’s just like, he’s so stupid. He can’t possibly be that stupid naturally.”

She joked that perhaps the president whispers in his ear before daily press briefings, telling him to "say something about [Adolf] Hitler."

“And then Sean Spicer is in the middle of diarrhea, pulling his pants up, and he has to go out there and just lie over and over and over again,” Handler continued.

Handler responded to Spicer's recent comments about Hitler not using chemical weapons against his own people, saying, "Yeah, because he was such a great guy.”

When O'Brien mentioned that Spicer apologized for his slip up, Handler seemed unwilling to accept it.

“Whatever, that means nothing at this point. I don’t understand how you can keep that job and go out there and do that," she said. "Does he think this is going to end well for him? I mean, he's going down!"

Handler added that she wishes she could be a member of the press at one of the briefings.

“How do you feel about working for a man who says one thing on Wednesday and another thing on Friday?” she said she would ask Spicer.

“Instead, they ask him serious questions as if he’s got a f***ing answer," Handler said. "He doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!”

When talking about her issue with first daughter Ivanka Trump, Handler said her "beef" is simply that "she's in that family."

“That she hasn’t divorced herself publicly from her father. As a woman, I would never let my father run for president, knowing what I know about my father," Handler said. “But my father’s not even half as bad as Donald Trump.”

“That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said about your dad,” O’Brien jokingly responded.

Spicer has encountered tremendous backlash yet again for his comments about Hitler at a press briefing when asked about Syria's chemical weapons attack.

“Someone who is [as] despicable as Hitler didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons," Spicer said during the briefing, the New York Post reported.

Shortly after, a reporter asked Spicer to clarify his statement.

“I think when you come to sarin gas, there was no -- he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing," Spicer responded, seemingly stuttering over his words.

Spicer then thanked reporters for giving him a chance to clarify.

“There was no … he brought them into the holocaust center. [Not] the way Assad dropped the bombs into the middle of towns," Spicer said. "I appreciate the clarification. That was not the intent."

Sources: The Daily Beast, New York Post / Photo credit: TBS via The Daily Beast

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