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Chef's Girlfriend Discovered In A Pot On His Stove

Chef Marcus Volke chopped up and cooked his girlfriend just before taking his own life in a terrifying murder-suicide.

Police were called to Volke's Brisbane apartment after neighbors reported an eye-watering smell reminiscent of rotting meat.

“On Saturday when I came out for a walk, it made your eyes water, it made you want to be sick," Courtney Reichart, a resident of the apartment building, said. "The smell, it was like as if somebody had put out some dog food or red meat and left it out for a few days.”

When officers arrived to the upmarket apartment complex near the wealthy suburb of Teneriffe, in Queensland, Australia, they were shocked to find Volke’s girlfriend, Mayang Prasetyo, chopped into pieces inside a pot on the stove.

Other parts of Prasetyo were found outside the apartment in bins.

According to police, Volke flew through a glass door and jumped over a balcony into an alleyway when authorities arrived. He slit his throat in the alley, where his body was later found.

Neighbors reported that they heard the couple fighting earlier in the week, though Volke’s mother noted that her son seemed happy and that he had plans to return home for Christmas.

Friends of Prasetyo’s have since taken to social media to honor her.

“The world will not be the same without you,” Brett Sparks, one friend, wrote. “Nobody that met you could ever forget you. This really doesn’t seem real.”

The two had recently returned to Australia after several years of working on international cruise ships as chefs together.

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